Monday Sept 11

CW_How to solve complex Math problems

HW_Solving for the Orbital Period of the Moon

Tuesday Sept 12

CW_Let's Go to Mars!!


Extra Credit on Google Classroom

Wednesday Sept 13

CW_Let's Go to Mars Continued


Extra Credit Due tomorrow!

Thursday Sept 14
CW_Let's go to Mars Wrap-Up

CW_TED Talk who is CNEOS? (Intro to Asteroid prevention)

HW_Begin researching your groups assigned CNEO
  1. Amors (Tables A and G)
  2. Apollos (Tables B and H)
  3. Atens (Tables C and F)
  4. Atiras (Tables D and E)

Friday Sept 15
CW_Netflix Video : Orbit-Earth's Extraordinary Journey Episode 2

HW_Complete Research on CNEOs (poster construction starts on Monday! make sure you have all of your information!)