Monday March 5
CW_Complete MMIs for all cities on your map

HW_Finish Map final answer must include
  • All cities properly colored in
  • A circle to identify the most likely location of the Earthquake
  • Your key that you used for your cities.

Tuesday March 6
CW_Intro to Erosion Lecture

HW_Read and Take Notes on Pages 71 - 73 in your textbook

Wednesday March 7
CW_PearDeck Atmosphere Lecture


Thursday March 8
CW_Finish Atmosphere Lecture
  • Quiz Corrections for Geosphere quiz

HW_Read and Take notes on pages 74-76
  • Energy in the Atmosphere
  • The Greenhouse Effect

Friday March 9
CW_Pear Deck Energy and the Greenhouse Effect Lecture

HW_EdPuzzle Crash Course