Monday Feb 5
CW_Tools of Science Lecture (See Google Classroom)

HW_Create a poster for 1 of the 5 habits of a good scientist
  • Curious
  • Skeptical
  • Open to New Ideas
  • Creative
  • Intellectually Honest

Components of Poster:
  • Name of Habit (centrally placed and easily visible)
  • Definition of the Habit
  • A visual representation of the Habit
  • A story, poem or dialogue showing someone exhibiting this habit.
    • Look up famous scientific discoveries and connect how their discovery was helped by one of these habits.

Tuesday Feb 6
CW_Statistics and Science (Pear Deck Lecture)
  • Averages
  • Distributions
  • Probabilities

HW_Misleading Averages

Wednesday Feb 7
CW_Using Statistics Stations

HW_Complete statistical analysis of the data provided below.

Thrusday Feb 8
CW_How Data Can Be Manipulated

HW_Continue to research and find information to support your teams assigned country and narrative.

Friday Feb 9
CW_Finalize PPT for your in class presentation.

HW_Review your PPT and prepare for your presentation on Monday