Monday Jan 29

CW_Scientific Notation Refresher
This lecture will be a PearDeck. Absent students should watch for an email from Ms. Rouse. Students in class will find the lecture with feedback posted on Google Classroom
Class Handout

HW_Complete 5 new Scientific Notation problems

Tuesday Jan 30

CW_Khan Academy Intro
Class Handout

HW_Study for Section 1 Quiz
  • Review Objectives listed on Page 5
  • Review Vocab/Flashcards
  • Review your Scientific Notation Rules

Wednesday Jan 31
CW_Fisheries Challege

HW_Fisheries Reflection Handout
Reflections Handout

Thursday Feb 1
CW_Fishery Challenge DeBrief
Lecture Slides_Pear Deck (See Google Classroom)

HW_Start Monday HW_Read and take notes on 20-21 (class lecture today covered pg 16 - 19)
    • Create Flashcards for terms
      • Law of Supply and Demand
      • Ecological Footprint
Friday Feb 2
CW_SQN Standard Practice

HW_Read and Take notes on pg 20-21