Monday Nov. 27

CW_In-Text Citations and Paper Edits

HW_Make adjustments and edits to paper

Tuesday Nov 28

CW_Work time and student conferences for papers.

HW_Final Draft due to Wednesday Morning by 8AM
  • 1st Period
    • Class ID: 16842898
    • Enrollment Key: ENVIRO
  • 2nd Period
    • Class ID: 16842909
    • Enrollment Key: ENVIRO
  • 7th Period
    • Class ID: 16842917
    • Enrollment Key: ENVIRO

Wednesday Nov 29
CW_Unit 3 Test


Thursday Nov 30

CW_Carbon Cycles Lecture

HW_Balancing Act

Read Introduction ONLY. Stop when you get to Methods

Friday Dec 1
CW_Balancing Act Microlab

HW_Study for Quiz on Carbon Cycle for Monday!